The School of Spiritual Gifts - Discovery & Development is established under the Mountain of Fire and Miracles, International Headquarters, Lagos. The official date of establishing the school was on the 17th October, 2010, and lectures commenced on the 15th February, 2011.

School of Spiritual Gifts - Discovery and Development is a unique and specialized school, where professionally anointed and seasoned lecturers will open your spiritual eyes to discover the keys that unlock your hidden potentials (spirital gifts) which will empower you to do greater exploits.

The Objectives

The core mandate and objectives for establishing the school is for the purpose of training Christian workers, ministers and leaders, not only in MFM Ministries Worldwide but also in other Christian denominations in general.

The objectives of the school are to train, motivate and equip men and women to discover their hidden potentials (spiritual gifts) in order to become more effective in the service, thereby fulfilling their various callings, and for church growth.

Team Work and Guiding Principles

Lectures shall be held on:

  • God has given the Great Commission to the church and has equipped the Body (the Church) to fulfill it collectively through a gifted, informed, understanding and cooperating team
  • The individual believer can discover and understand his Spiritual gifts, thus finding his place on that team
  • Gifts relate to and are fundamental to the church, to the believer, to the ministry and both for quantitative and qualitative church growth
  • The lack of recognition, understanding and implementation of Spiritual gifts are the missing ingredients to equipping, preparing and motivating the layman to do the work of the ministry

What you need to know

  • Do you know there are hidden treasures - spiritual gifts in you? 2 Tim. 1:6
  • Do you know God does not want you to be ignorant of your spiritual gifts? 1 Cor. 12:1
  • Do you know that a man's gift makes room for him? Prov. 18:16
  • Do you know to explore and to exploit your spiritual gifts? Rom 1:11

Fundamental Facts About SSDD

In SSDD, we FEED you on the sound WORD of God (with knowledge and understanding) that you might be FILLED by God with His HOLY SPIRIT and empower you with SPIRITUAL GIFTS in order for you to go forth and FULFILL your divine calling or ministry. Doing uncommon exploits - our philosophy.

  • It is a SPECIALIZED School of Spiritual gifts, and very unique indeed, unlike other conventional schools
  • It is a place where you learn how to research in order to DISCOVER your Spiritual gifts or hidden potentials, which you need to fulfill your calling or ministry.
  • It is a school where you are taught the rudiments and principles of how to DEVELOP your gifts which you have discovered

The graduates of School of Spiritual Gifts - Discovery and Development are called the Chosen Vessels of honour, sanctified and useful to the Master and prepared for every good work.

Contact Information

For questions or enquiries regarding the School of Evangelism and Church Planting, please contact:

  • Pastor (Mrs.) F.I. Banwo, Rector - SECP
    P: +234(0)803 843 5606, +234 (0)805 929 5885