Functions and Activities

  • Expresses the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to the less priviledged, the poor and the neglected members of the society
  • Ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of the less priviledge in the society
  • Feeds the hungry, clothes the naked and accomodates the homeless, where possible
  • Reaches the unreached with the message of salvation and restores hope to the hopeless
  • Encourages and motivates the discouraged, depressed and forsaken, and makes them to know that they can achhieve their purposes in life through the help of God
  • Makes regular visits, arranges prayer sessions, counselling, welfare, and presentation of materials to inmates of prisons, orphanage and rehabilitation centres

Membership Requirements

  • Intending members must belong to MFM Ministries
  • They must be genuinely born again and have the call of God for service to humanity

Contact Us

You can reach us on phone: 0803 316 2630