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20 Jun

Creating From the Well Spring of Peace

A vision for our existence with God that is based on peace is crucial in a world that often feels like it is overtaken by violence. It is not difficult to locate violence; in fact, it frequently finds us. This includes violence within ourselves as well as between people, communities, and nations. The destructive force […]

15 May

Victory Over the Spirit of Fear

Are you prepared to discover how to dismantle the spirit of fear the enemy has erected in your mind and heart? Jesus revealed the solution to you. The first step to overcoming the spirit of fear is by rearranging your priorities and combating it with fervent prayers. This is precisely what He was referring to […]

13 Apr

It’s for All

There is no lottery to determine who will receive the Holy Spirit; only a few are chosen. It’s not a random game. No one is a winner or a loser. God equips those He calls. Power is more than enough for everyone. No one is excluded, and there are no leftovers. Don’t rule yourself out if you’ve previously been endorsed. The Bible is precise and without ambiguity. The Holy Spirit baptism is not merely for a select group of people who are “God’s favorites.” God does not favor anyone. We are all His favorites, in actuality. Acts 2:3 and 4 tell us that there were 120 men and […]

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I want to give the God of Daniel Olukoya all praise and honour for the miracle I received on this mountain Last 2 years 2020, I had a strange headache, heaviness of the head, it affected my earing, I couldn’t stand in crowd, and it also affected my eyes. I went to the hospital; I was loaded with drugs to no avail, I also went for brain checkup, the result was normal and I came down to the altar of mountain of fire and miracle ministries and I told God that if he heals me that I will testify, miraculously God has healed me. May the God of Dr Daniel Olukoya be praised! Thank you God Almighty, both my head, ear and eye has been healed

Name Withheld from Location Unknown

I have to return all the Glory to the giver of life and wealth. My case was mentioned during the manna water service on the 10th of February 2021. That there is a woman that was slapped in the dream and she felt it in real life. I actually had that dream. And Daddy said it was a slap of death. But the effect and current of that slap is destroyed. I want to thank this great God who eyes is always on me washing over me and my family. Thank you Jesus for cancelling the verdict of death and he'll upon my life. My testimony is permanent and I shall live long with all the blessings of life without any limitations. Amen. God almighty bless Dr D.K Olukoya.

Name Withheld from Location Unknown

Praise the Lord. I have come to return all the Glory to the God of this mountain... During the mid-month prayer outreach. Daddy ask us to smite where ever we are having infirmity, I smote my womb and I felt something move out from me. I thank God for destroying the evil arrow fired in to my womb. Thank you Jesus! And I pray my testimony remains permanent in Jesus name Amen

Name Withheld from Location Unknown

I write to thank God for breaking the backbone of barrenness in the life of my daughter. After several years of being married, we engaged in several prayers and fasting and the Lord did it, God has blessed her with a bouncing baby boy. The Lord put a new song in our mouths, of a truth it is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. To God be all the glory, honour, and praise. May his name be praised forevermore! Of a truth, the Lord is in this place and we serve a very big God, who can do all things

Name Withheld from Location Unknown

I thank God for MFM ministries. God healed me from the arrow of hypertension. I was having severe pain in my chest. I participated in the manna water and God delivered me completely. This situation started after a sister called me to tell me that everyone in our family has hypertension, immediately after the call, I started having serious pain in my chest, it was as if she fired the arrow at me. So during the manna water, I prayed against it and I also hit the place 21 times as instructed by our father in the Lord and I received my healing. I thank God because the arrow has gone back to the sender, I do not feel any pain again. God bless MFM ministries and God bless our father in the Lord for all his labour of love on all of us

Name Withheld from From the USA.

This ministry has saved my life multiple times. Sometimes back, I was fired another arrow of insanity in my dream and was said my Brain will be totally destroyed, days later I had a terrible headache which I could not understand. It was terrible. I washed my head with manna water and prayed and I was healed and set free in the name of Jesus Christ Recent one of my sister with a small child visited Home, I also went home. The child who is four months old started to convulse nonstop and could not even breathe. I am a Dr by profession, I knew what to do for the child, but I prayed and gave the child anointing water to drink and anointed the child with it. The child vomited and stopped coughing. My older sister asked where the water comes from because it is really powerful. I have seen God through the word of God. I thank you Lord Jesus. My testimonies are permanent in Jesus name.

Name Withheld from South Arica

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. I am giving this testimony to the glory of God and to say thank you Jesus for giving me and my family victory over many years of witchcraft attacks. Some months ago I started using G.O’s ( Setting The Covens Ablaze, and Destroying The Cauldron of Darkness ) book. To my surprise and to God be the Glory I was delivered from many sicknesses, heaviness of the body which is close to 2yrs, dream attacks and evil dreams. Thank you Jesus Hallelujah. Secondly, in March Wednesday's manna water Service G.O prayed on our Water and said unusual declarations and I shouted amen, after the prayer I drank my water to God be the Glory, the pains of many years stopped Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. I cover all my testimony with the blood of Jesus. And it is permanent in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. May the Almighty God be with Dr Olukoya and his family, and more anointing in Jesus mighty name Amen. Praise the Lord Hallelujah!

Name Withheld from The United Kingdom

I want to take out this time to specially thank God for His numerous blessings upon my family and for healing me of pains as a result of cesarean section, I underwent for the delivery of my baby. I applied the blessed anointing oil and joined the manna water service of 02-03-2022 and I received my healing. I claim permanence of my healing in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord ! Hallelujah!

Name Withheld from Location Unknown

I want to bless the name of the Lord for the salvation of my soul, sometime early January, I woke with the feeling of something in my throat but I did not pay attention to it. Then in February I slept one afternoon and dreamt that I went to the hospital concerning my throat and the doctor told me it was cancer of the throat that was how I woke up with a swollen neck. I went to the hospital the following day I was told to do scan. The scan result said it was goiter with lumps, I became scared and I started praying against it. To the glory of God some weeks ago, during the Wednesday manna water service, I told God that I must share my own testimony before the next manna water. On Wednesday morning I woke up to realize that the swollen on my neck has gone down drastically and I knew God will perfect my testimony and everything that concerns me. Praise the name of the Lord.

Name Withheld from Location Unknown


Mountain Top University is an institution established with a mandate to transform and rejuvenate the social-economic and political ethos of the nation. The University operates with the concept of developing the total man and this is encapsulated in the training of body, mind and spirit.

The proprietor of the Mountain Top University is the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), a Christian missionary organisation founded by Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya.